Jane's personal story:

-Why she gave up everything in Denmark to move to Israel to be a voice for the Jewish nation which has resulted in Muslims threatening her because of her work.

-Everyday life in Israel, communicating the true story of this Nation and Her people.

-Sharing her love for the Jewish Nation, and her very emotional meetings with Jewish people throughout this wonderful country.


Media work:

-The story behind her web site and FaceBook page.

-Activism on the frontline; reporting from demonstrations, rallies, confrontations and in the Knesset.


Standing with Israel:

- As Christians we are deeply connected to Israel, and the Jewish people are looking for their true  friends. With anti-Semitism exploding around the world it is our duty to support Israel and strengthen Her people...

-The Israeli- Palestinian conflict. The propaganda against Israel.

-Facing many threats against her life, stalking and harassment for standing in support of the Jewish people's right to visit the Temple Mount to pray or worship there.

Public Relations:

- For people visiting Jerusalem, Jane would be happy to join you, sharing her personal experiences living in this amazing city. .



"We need to wake up, to love and stand with the Jewish people!